• 1990: The Company started its operation under the name IC Nagyalföld Ltd. as a member of the German-Hungarian Econocom group.
  • 1991: In partnership with Inter Computer Ltd., supplying IBM mainframe to enterprises started.
  • 1992: The Company signs distribution contract with the Italian modem maker DIGICOM.
  • 1993Kern Communications Company Kft. became independent and placed trading with data communication products into focus.
  • 1994: Kern Communications Systems signs distribution contract with Frederick Engineering to distribute its network protocol analyzers.

University mail system used our modem-center. We have installed for the Hungarian Scientific Academy(MTA SZTAKI).

Distribution contract for network documentation software called NetViz.

  • 1995: Homologation of Taiwan Quisar EFT POS terminals and acceptance procedure at the Hungarian giro-center GIRO Bankártya and K&H Bank Rt (Duna Bank).
  • 1996: Customers-card system development for ÁFÉSZ cooperatives network with Samsung cash registers.
  • 1997: Vision Express customer chip card system development for FOTEX Ofotért with Basiccard (150 K pcs).
  • 1998: Localization of Audiotel and Quasar GSM gateways on Hungarian market.
  • 1999: Developing fingerprint recognition for entry-check systems with Dactylos.
  • 2000: Distribution contract with the French GSM modem maker Wavecom.
  • 2001: Organizing the first Hungarian conference on industrial mobile communication supported by Pannon GSM(Telenor)

ISO 9001 procedure started.

  • 2002: Great prize at Hungelektro fair for „GSM application innovation”.
  • 2003: CyberECG introduced at Düsseldorf MEDICA.
  • 2004: Lecture and exhibition at Taipei MEDIPHAR conference.
  • 2005: First large-scale (4000 endpoint) GPRS communication system for heatmeter reading solution in Budapest.

As the demand grew and because of the result our company reached, the Romanian office SC KERN Communications Systems România SRL is established, for dealing on the Romanian market.

GSM World Congress Cannes as exhibitor

  • 2006: Exhibiting CyberECG on CHINA HIGHTECH in Shenzhen.
  • 2007: Establishing of Slovakian office Kern Communication Systems Slovakia.
  • 2008: Exhibiting GPRS application on GSM WORLDCONGRESS in Barcelona

Successful integration our GSM/GPS OBU into the Fleet management service of

T-Mobile Hungary

  • 2009: Sierra Wireless acquired Wavecom and we became Sierra W. VAD distributor
  • 2010: The company signs distribution contract with the American producer DIGI INTERNATIONAL.
  • 2011: We signed a distribution contract with Graphical Networks LLC for GraphTerrain és a NetTerrain

we signed the distributor contract with  the Chinese IVT Corporation for mobile ehealth products