The history of our company, Kern Communications Systems Ltd. began in 1990. We are proud of the evolution that continues to this day, reinforcing our presence in the market for data communication tools and solutions.

Kern Communications Systems Ltd. is the most important host of life

1990: Our company starts as a member of the German-Hungarian Econocom Group under the name IC Nagyalföld Kft

1991: As part owner of Inter Computer Ltd., the sale of IBM mainframes to large corporations.

1992: Distributor contract with Italian DIGICOM modem manufacturer.

1993: The company is independent of Kern Communications Systems Ltd, which marks the company's main profile, the distribution of data communication devices.

1994: Distributor contract with the Frederick Engineering US protocol analyzer manufacturer. Establishment of the MTA SZTAKI modem center (university mail system - internet predecessor). As the distributor of American NetViz, the launch of the network documenting software.

1995: Nationalization of the VSTAR Quisar EFTPOS terminals in Taiwan, acceptance of the GIRÓ Bank Card Center at K & H Bank Rt. (Danube Bank).

1996: Development of a customer card system for the PES Coop network (Samsung Cash Drawing).

1997: FOTEX Ofotért, Vision Express customer chip card development (about 150,000 units sold) on Basic-Card basis.

1998: Localization of Audiotel and Quasar GSM Gateway

1999: Fingerprint control access control with Dactylos

2000: Distributor Contract with Wavecom French GSM Modem Manufacturer

2001: Organizing the first mobile industrial conference with Pannon support. Obtain an ISO 9001 qualification through MOODY

2002: Hungelektro Exhibition Innovation Grand Prix

2003: CyberECG introduces itself to the MEDICA Düsseldorf exhibition

2004: A successful presentation and exhibition at the Taipei MEDIPHAR conference

2005: Development of the first large (4000 heat meters), successful GPRS communication system in Budapest. Romania is the founder of KERN Romania S.r.l, which is the largest fleet system ever since the SAS Group supplier GSM Worldcongress Cannes exhibitor

2006: We are participating in the China HighTech exhibition with the on-line demo of the mobile ECG

2007: the largest supplier of KERN S.r.o in Slovakia has since established several GSM device manufacturers

2008: Successful integration of GSM / GPS OBU into the T-mobile fleet system. GSM WORLDCONGRESS We deliver GSM / GPRS solutions in Barcelona