To meet the following goals continuously, our company has introduced, maintains and applies quality assurance tools as per MSZ EN ISO 9001: 2001.

  • Our goal is to develop a professional consulting company, which sells professional mobile and other telecommunication applications in all parts and areas, based on experience gained in decades of fixed data transmission.
  • Our top management is determined to make changes to our market trends and needs as soon as possible. The new organization and operation, above all, should focus on customer focus, ie satisfied customers, a stable service background.
  • More streamlined and transparent operational processes and organizational structure should reflect all these goals and support their implementation.
  • Regulated procedures, on the one hand, require disciplined and documented work at all levels of our staff, and can not be a stiffened organization, as the fast-changing market environment requires particularly high flexibility in our sector.
  • The management of our company wishes to ensure and maintain the guaranteed quality of the product and service produced and distributed, taking into account all these above-mentioned considerations, and to continuously increase the feedback of customer feedback.