Many domestic and overseas customers use our excellent value-for-money solutions, whether it's Sierra Wireless and Robustel products, as well as related services, data visualization or sensory systems. 

M2M / Industrial Routers / Industrial Modems / Telemetry:

For fieldworks in Budapest and the country 1000+ Robustel industrial routers are used for the remote management of thermal centers. Prior to our router remote management, our main reference partner used Sierra Wireless industrial modems for remote reading of meter meters, 4500+ of which were installed.

Sensor bearing diagnostic system with remote access, industry routers and PAPN or VPN services (temperature, bearing grease conductivity measurement, vibration measurement and evaluation using Fourier analysis software, etc.).

Real-time remote diagnosis of critical bearings for moving semi-finished vehicles between the lines in a Slovakian car factory.

Remote monitoring of critical bearings for explosive atmospheres in mining machinery used for power plant exploration through our Robustel router-integrated solution.

Real-time remote monitoring of bearings of paper mill rollers.

Robustel routers (very short implementation times and low costs compared to steel cables with concreted or cross-column cables) are used to generate copper wire or fiber optic explosive environments for robust copper explosion-proofing and fiber optic communication, due to communication within the fleet due to lack of data transfer costs.

Remote Control Diagnostics of Crane Control PLC with Robustel Routers.

Remote control of water purifiers, waterworks, sewage pumps, locks and valves with Robustel routers with MODBUS and SNMP integration.

Remote water quality control equipment (sampling, analyzing, dosing, re-sampling, analyzing and logging), Robustel router, transparent RS485 / MODBUS access.

Instrumental Diagnosis of Sewer Channel (FCSM on Special Cars).

Provide remote access and Internet connection or redundant connection for critical systems:

Freight transport, dual SIM industrial routers for accessing the vehicle's on-board Internet (industrial design with automotive certification, weather-resistant and anti-vandal-rated vehicle antennas)

Remote access to alarm systems and building management systems (major security operators, more than 1000 modems)

Helicopter onboard connection