The company started its operation in 1990 as a member of the German-Hungarian Econocom Group and it became an independent entity in 1993. With industrial mobile telecommunications standing in the focus of its activity, the company designs and develops leading-edge products and offers project-based consulting services to wireless applications.

The company is mainly dedicated to M2M (Machine To Machine) solutions and its aim is to enhance ERP, B2B and B2C applications with the ability to instantly access equipment data anywhere, any time. By enabling real-time, dynamic communication between wireless devices and applications, new business models may be introduced for better control, higher service level, cost-effectiveness and quick turnaround. Based upon it's technology, the company also offers proven solutions to tracking/health-check combination for the public.


  • GSM/GPRS/GPS integrated systems
  • Development on the MUSE Wavecom (Open AT) platform
  • DOTA Management (Download Over The Air)
  • MQ TT application integration
  • APN Management

Offered services

  • Engineering services for wireless data communications
  • Wireless device layout design
  • M2M service for telemetry and tracking
  • Preparing documentation for telco/IT networks
  • Educational and training programs
  • After-sales service
  • Device rental service
  • The trade, servicing and flat-rate maintenance of telecommunications tools
  • Documentation of telecommunication networks, project management
  • Error detection and elimination in LAN/WAN networks
  • Design of mobile data transmission systems
  • Organizing educational and training programs
  • Internet services
  • Leasing of equipment


  • Perfectly educated and capable personnel
  • Experts regularly trained by the manufacturers
  • Direct partnership with the platform developers, solution providers and system integrators
  • Close connection to the Hungarian and Romanian GSM operators
  • We are in close daily connection with the manufacturers and developers
  • Regular presence on the domain markets


  • Focusing on client's objectives
  • Outstanding quality in all areas

Our base?

  • Perfectly educated and convincing colleagues.
  • Direct partnership support of Hungarian and world-leader manufacturers and service providers.

Compliances - services

  • The products possess the EN 29000 (ISO 9000) European standards qualification, which is a basic requirement by now in countries of the European Union at significant tenders. In addition to the products, the ISO/EN European qualification covers the provided services also
  • Sales and servicing are provided by a wide European distribution network